i love saturdays.
ours always seem to be jammed packed but in a relaxing kind of way.
our friend skyler came down to salt lake and is staying the weekend with us.
we woke up, had breakfast, and while the boys were playing super nintendo i did our routine saturday morning estate sale shopping.
i made off with a cool map of salt lake and a fancy rug.

the avenues has a street fair every year (and how it started is kind of a cool story.)
we headed up there and i had a hard time paying attention to the actual fair because i love just looking at the houses.
i even ran into a rose bush and had to pull 3 thorns out of my knee because i was so distracted by one of the houses.

there were so many vendors and yard sales on the side. it was a good time.

we went to stake out a parking space for the james taylor and motab concert early so went to the lion house to get some dessert and waste time.
i was able to see some of my previous colleagues and it warmed my heart.
it was raining so we went to the visitors center and hung out until the doors opened at the conference center.

james taylor was SO GOOD.
it was so cool to see him live after always hearing him growing up.
and then to hear him with the utah symphony and the mormon tabernacle choir was amazing.
i cant even describe how cool it was. 
and for it to be in the big ol conference center with such good sound.
he did two shows in the conference center and they were both pretty much full. (the conference center holds 21,000 people.)
it was a lottery system to get free tickets and out of 5 people in my family that tried, jess got tickets. (of course)
and i am so glad she did and gave them to us.

(that glowing body is james taylor. no pictures were allowed and there was an usher sitting right behind me so i had to sneak this.)