On this fine labor day we originally had planned a 7 mile hike in the canyon to a beautiful lake. But then there were thunder storms in the canyon.
So we opted for a 1 mile hike up Ensign Peak.
When I lived in SLC before, our singles ward used to do this very easy and short hike for FHE whenever someone forgot to plan something. (which was at least twice a month during the summer)

Though it was no 7 mile hike to a lake, it was nice to just be hiking around out side before it gets too cold.

After the hike we let Sal run wild in a soccer filed at a church building.
He loved it so much.
We used to take him to the dog park regularly but he had an indecent where he was trampled on by other dogs and now he's scared doesn't run around when we go.
He was so happy to be so free!
Here is proof.

Look how big his smile is!

Happy Labor day.