today has been weird.
there was some kind of crazy wind storm that blew in toons of salt from the salt flats.
one minute you could see the mountains and down town, the next they were gone.
it really freaked me out.

and then we went to see world ward z...
ahh geez.
my life has been changed/ruined by that movie.
it was good, but i hated it.
it was so intense.
too intense.
i didnt realize until we were walking out that i had been clenching my teeth the whole time.
so now my jaw hurts.

garrett got a job.
we went out to celebrate tonight.
like the rest of us, he does not want to grow up and commit to a 40 hour a week job.
so as you can see, he was not overly joyed.
(but he is. mixed feelings ya know?)
he got to pick out of the whole state of utah where we ate.
and he picked taco bell...
his reasoning was that since we are starting a strict GF diet on monday, he will never be able eat taco bell again.

if you know me then you know i looooove holiday candy.
peeps, jelly beans, candy canes, conversation hearts, and yeessss candy corn.
i was listening to NPR on my way to work the other day and they mentioned starburst candy corn.
apparently that night i told garrett all about them in my sleep.
so naturally we had to go search them out.
and ohh baby, they are delicious.