There is a joke in our family that mom and i have a little black cloud over our heads and just follows us every where we go.
Well, to make a long story short(ish) i had such a bad day today. and of course it was nothing big, just a bunch of little things.
well, get this. i was late to work. and im standing on the corner to cross the street. and i felt little drops on my arm. so i looked up (because it was way sunny out!) and low, and behold, there was LITERALLY a little black cloud right above me. and the guy standing on the corner with me was like "is it really just raining on us right now?" and i replied with a chukel, "sshhyeaah" and he started laughing and was like "this would only happen to me...its sunny and 80 degrees out and its raining just on the corner that im standing on." i wasnt even about to start to give him my life story of the little black cloud theory. or admit to the fact that it was probably only raining on him because i was standing next to

so this little black cloud theory, isnt a theory at all. i really do have a little black cloud over my head.