have you ever had a good mail day? well i had one the other day. i had a crappy long day at work and when i got to my mail box i debated even opening it because it being Tuesday, the weekly adds would be lingering in the box and i always feel bad just putting them in the recycling bag... but i did. i opened it. and inside patiently waiting was two netflix movies, a post card from mom over seas, this months Nylon mag. and a random check from work i was not expecting, and the Rachael Yamagata vinyl for her elephants album! what a good mail day.

yesterday i worked a double at work. i was there from 7am- 11pm it made for a long day. and THEN when i was walking home i almost got hit by a car. toats his fault. i had the signal to go. he honked at me all crazy. i pointed to the walk sign and smiled out of fear. and then continued on my walk home. though i make this sound casual, he stopped literally four feet away from me and if he wasn't in a newer Toyota I'm pretty sure i would have been hit.

three really good movies Ive seen recently:
Maude and Harold
Annie Hall
Paper Heart
all really good.

i watched S. Darko, a sequel to Donnie Darko....i didn't like it so much, and it was just as confusing as Donnie Darko. but i guess when your dealing with time travel how could it not be confusing?