Being that i work at the famous Lion House (haha) we have a lot of parties and banquets that go on up stairs. today two elderly folks came in and said " we're here for the Fag party." Blaaah. i almost lost it. but instead, i kindly directed them upstairs and then busted a gut as soon as they were out of my presence.

Then, later on that night, i guess there was some sort of church banquet that i wasn't aware of. A coworker and i needed to run down stairs to get some things so we paged for the elevator.  when it came and we got on, there was a group of old guys and their wives in it. I threw them a smile just because, well  thats what i do. then one puts out his hand and says " hi, im elder so and so of the quorum of the twelve." and then the next guy, "hello. im elder so and so of the seventy" and this happened three more times. i say "elder so and so" because neither me or my coworker could remember any of their names when we got out of the elevator because of the shock we were both in . and i will say, non of them look like they do in their pictures or on tv. for example. Eyring comes through about once a week. He is a pretty handsome guy in person. Monson on the other hand, who i love, kind of looks like a penguin in person.... (and i see him 3 or four times a week in the parking area.) so today at work, were going to pull out a photo of all these church guys and try to figure out who we really met on that elevator.

basically. i love my job and the fact that i get to meet men who are far more spiritual than i. even if i dont know who they are.