Young Urban Mormons

I find it amusing, and very accurate.
500 Days of Summer/ Cutest on screen couple of the year:

I was SO excited to see this movie, and the fact that i saw it on student discount Tuesday only made it better. When I left the theater i had mixed feelings about the movie its self. ( because we all know i have a women crush on Zooey, so the actors wasn't the problem what so ever) This movie pulled at my heart during the whole film. i started to feel bi-polar. They had my emotions all over the place. So, that tells you there's good acting. In the end, i love this movie. Its one of those that i will probably go to when i want to be anti social on a Saturday night after work by myself.

Hands down, best place to get a Veggie Sandwich any day of the week. They put balsamic vinegar on their bread instead of mayo or what not. And its not necessarily the food that is so good, but rather the customer service, and the hot, older man Ryan, who always remembers how Alyssa and i like our orders. its just great.

I tend to go to DI at least three times a week. Lame i know. BUT, its right down the street from me, so its legit. They always have something i like (notice i didnt say need) and i always like a good deal. Alyssa and I volunteer at the one in welfare square. were pretty tight with the people that work there now... haha ok. maybe not. but we like to act like we are. We got to sort books yesterday. It was fun, minus the fact that i ended up with a whole stack to buy and i almost got tackled for an Andy Warhol art book. that was lame, because i lost.
M. Ward/ Gallivan Free Concert Series:
I can listen to M. Ward all day, every day. In fact i almost have. And im ok with it for now.
These shows are what got/ are getting me through the summer. I get one day off a week and that one day is the day i go to these shows. Jenny Lewis, bon iver, sonic youth, m. ward, iron & wine..just to name a few. (p.s. this picture is inaccurate, because i ALWAYS stand in the front row. i dont do this back row, cant see, business)
And lastly

Slow Train, The Green Ant & Misc. And Broadway SLC in General

These are all places i also go to on my day off before the concert. Slow train is basically my vinyl collection dream in one building. they have new artist, old, up and coming and even underground hip hop. its amazing. The green ant is a vintage and modern furniture with Misc., which is a vintage clothing shop. both uber amazing places if you like vintage/retro attire and furniture. Broadway gives you that feeling of serenity. you know the one when you wake up early, on your own. (by early i mean like 5:30 or 6:00 ish) and you walk down the street and your the only one around and the air is fresh and the sun is still coming up...yeah that feeling....