i just bought this. and it will be here next week!
yes, i will be riding it everyday to school and work. 
yes, if you honk at me i will wave to you.
and yes i will continue to ride it until there is so much snow on the ground its just not possible to ride any more.

on another note:
there have been many instances in the past few days when i just wanted to say "WHATT?!?!" to a few homeless people, in response to their stares. (and i really dont know what there staring at. it baffles me.)
today on the way to school, one man was biting his finger nails. any time he would get a piece of nail off he would set in on his knee. when we got close to his stop for him to stand up and get off, he threw all of the finger nails he had been saving in his mouth. i just about threw up.
i no long have the patience to ride TRAX any more. i now walk, and soon bike every where again.

you can also call me an idea thief.

these are some of THE best cookies ever. they are carrot cake cookies and there making me fat and poor.
so today, i decided i wanted to try and make them. i think i figured out a legit recipe.
so at work to night i shall attempt them. (if i have time)