a typical day in a college class in America.
we take our studies seriously here
photos courtesy of tim.

students laying on the floor.

Reading news papers during the discussion 

and lunch time in the middle of class!

i find it interesting/scary how much money people pay to be in school for a "piece of paper".
now granted, i am by no means a scholar.
i have  a really hard time sitting through class.
BUT i try.
i want to get all that i can out of class.
there is so much to know and discover!
we are so lucky to have the freedoms and the opportunity to go to school
its crazy to think how blessed we are
and what people in other countries do in order to even get a taste of education.
i would love to see some of these "students" try going to school in a place like China or something.
could make for a good reality show.
or check.