i ve been thinking about future careers.
growing up i wanted to be a fire fighter.
but thats when i thought i had to be a teacher, police man, astronaut, or fire fighter.
i didnt know that i had other options.
since then ive wanted to be lots of things in my life.
but lately i want to be a Storm Chaser.
(the first time i typed that i typed stormtrooper.ive been trying to watch Star Wars with the Dudes lately and i guess its rubbing off on me. i guess i could be a stormtrooper too.)
growing up in California we never had really gnarly storms.
ive seen a few tiny, tiny, tiny tornado's, but nothing like this

i love that part of his title is
"extreme weather adventurer"
there is so much beauty in storms.
i will admit i am accident prone and probably wouldn't last very long.
but boy would it be great.