sometimes one is blessed with really great and talented roommates.
this is my case.
all of my roommates are really great and have amazing talents.
all of them. (this is a rare occurrence for me)
here is just an example of one of them.
i am in love with this photo.
it has "me" written all over it.
and to most it is prob just a photo of someones "stuff"
but thats my stuff,
there for this photo is so comforting to me.
and even if it wasnt my "stuff", i think i would still love it just as much.
it kind of goes along with the idea of home that i talked about in an earlier post.
what makes a place home, how they represent us as people in them, and why we need them.
the lighting, the subject mater, the fact that its film, everything about it i love.
shes the one who took it.