this morning when i left the house in my tee shirt and sandals it was sunny.
when i left work it was windy, rain/snow, and really cold.
well played rexburg. fooled me.
i didnt even have a sweater of any type.

i avoid the school library at all costs.
sometimes its a lack of options that drives me there.
in the 15 minutes i was in the library today,
i heard a conversation between four guys and each of them said
"cool story brah!" and least twice.
i dont get it.

i went to get blood work done today.
as the needle is in my arm, the nurse says "i cant get it to work..."
and then she continued to move the needle around.
and then gave up and stuck my other arm.
the first arm wouldnt stop bleeding.
so i couldnt figure out why she asked if i wanted a band aid.
i thought at that point it had become a necessity to have a band aid.
i hate seeing my own blood. so i was basically ready to pass out.
on top of the fasting-all-day-for-the-blood-work-wanting to pass out.

oh yeah. and today i pulled out my soy milk and for some reason
i saw the expiration date (after i poured it of course)
it said 2/25/12
and i thought
COOL! this expires on my birthday!
my birthday is 4/25
and the milk is a month past its date.

cool story brah!