i ate moldy toast today. partially on accident, partially thinking id be ok.
(and partially thinking that id got all the mold off) why waste? food is food.
today i grew up a little bit. i tucked my shirt in. i hate tucking my shirt in.
but i did it. and it lasted until noon when i realized i couldn't do it any more.
no, i didn't want to do it anymore. but its a start.
this may be morbid, but sometimes i make sure that my room is picked up and everything in its place before i leave home just in case i get in an accident
or die, i wont be embarrassed over the condition of my residence. optimistic fatalist?
maybe. Sometimes, i let the quiet put things where they are supposed to be.
because i, i cant always put them in the right places. today i had a lot to say, 
but no words to say them. i never have the right words.
so instead i read a book. drank some peppermint tea and forgot about the things i wanted to say
but couldn't figure out how to say them.