starting this week i will be teaching 3 yoga classes a week at school to kids ages 2-4
at first i did not want to do it.
when they first asked me i said no way.
i thought it sounded so terrible.

i have since come around.
after thinking about how much yoga benefits me
and how much more it can benefit the kids
i decided to accept the offer.
a few things i intend to teach the kids in these classes are:
how to breath better and use breathing to relax
(i get made fun of by the other teachers at school because i taught my kids about yoga breaths and tell them to practice yoga breaths when they are upset or crying. but what ever because it works!)
how to use our energy more effectively
how to quiet the mind
to be the boss of your body
how the body works
and how to take care of your body
and lots of other things.
i am honestly excited for this now.