i took the photo above on our way home from rexburg this past weekend.
though it seems to encompass the open road, summer, and freedom in the photo,
moments before i took this photo we had car problems.
nothing major, but something that definitely would have cost a chunk of change.
we probably could have gotten another 100,000 miles out of our loyal rav 4.
but we didnt want to risk it or put any money into the car.
so we found our selves at a car dealership buying a car.

another deception, 
the car is silver with an almost blue metallic color where all of those dark parts are.
this is our dream car.
and perfect for us.
and can we talk about all of the space it has?
road trip any one?!

*side note- i taught my first yoga class for kids and it was one of the funnest things i have done for work.
if you EVER get a chance to do yoga with kids you should do it. they are hilarious.
or if you have kids you should do it with them. i almost wish their parents would come and do it with us.