this past weekend we were up in rexburg for the poetry slam.
garrett was the feature poet, so he read some poems, sold lots of books, and i had a great time.
here is one of the poems he did.
you can see the rest on his blog.

while in rexburg i had the chance to finally collaborate with some friends and and work on an etsy shop ive been wanting to open for a long time now.
i took 40+ vintage dresses up to rexburg with me
one of my best friends mallorie foster modeled them
and one of my other best friends olivia schultz photographed them.
we had so much fun and im excieted go get this project up and going.
more on that later though.
while we did our thing, the boys some how ended up in the corner playing cards.
which was perfect.

other highlights from the weekend;
hanging out with my little brother
finally getting my bike back
meeting baby wes for the first time
watching jay and mama roxy play together
oh, and i went red.