this weekend has been another one spent in idaho.
garrett had production things to do for deep love.
we were planning on being there saturday, but other than that we didnt have plans.
garrett ended up singing with the soul band on friday.
saturday we had breakfast with friends.
garrett went to his meeting,
sal and i went to the nature park, chased ducks, and went on a long walk.
latter mal and i met up, went searching for some vintage finds, and worked on the shop.
i tend to get asked a lot if i miss idaho.
my answer: yes.
do i want to live there again?
idaho is so beautiful in the summer, but i couldnt do their winters again.
the thing i missed the most about idaho is all of our great friends.
it sure is a great place to visit though, especially because we always get to stay right on the snake river.