This was such a good weekend.
Now that it is getting warmer in Rexburg we can do more things outside!
Friday we went to the warm slough after class.
We introduced Sal to the wild, cold water, rocks, and a moose laying across the slough watching us.
And then I went to work at Ying Yangs to help them out.

Saturday we were planning on going to Yellowstone and then to a friends parents cabin in Swan Valley. 
But after doing some google mapping we realized it would be a 5+ hour trip.
So instead we went on a little hike with Sal in Hise.
Took a picnic lunch to the warm slough.
And enjoyed the time in the 72 degree sun.

 Later that evening, like I said, we were blessed to be able to go to our friends parents cabin in Swan Valley. 
It was SOOOO beautiful.
I can't even start to explain the scenery or the cabin its self. They were both sights to be seen.
We got a tour of some farms, made dinner, the boys watched some baseball, went on a drive in search of square ice cream but they were closed, and went on an adventure through the woods in a truck and told scary stories in the middle of the wilderness in the pitch dark. I had SO much fun. The life of a farmer is so different and fascinating to me. I wish I had more photos to show you of all this beauty, but the camera died 5 minutes into being there.
So i just have a photo of Mal cooking dinner and Garrett watching baseball in the huge living room. The guys looked like little kids in this room. And those windows. Woof.

on top of Matt coming home in July
me graduating (also in July)
and Jared and Jessica having a little baby boy,
Jess is now getting married too! 
So so soooo excited for the rest of this year to play out.