This little guy brings so much happiness.
(the dog, not G. though he does make me happy too.)
I don't know how many selfies I have seen people take with him.
or how many kisses he has received on the head, the majority from complete strangers...
or text messages saying they are sad and was wondering if they could come play with Sal.
or little boys who hold him so tight when its time to go and say "I need him. I love him." on the verge of tears. (ive been there buddy, i know how you feel.)
or Vine videos taken.
or instagram photos.
if i was tech savy and had a vine or instagram, we could start a #Sal kind of thing.
what im basically trying to say, is even though this guy can be a whole lot of trouble and he thinks its time to play at 5:00am and some times goes potty one foot away from his potty pad, he makes people happy. and that makes me happy.