Birthday are weird to me.
I love celebrating other peoples birthdays and spoiling them,
but i dont like my own birthday.
Well, i dont like the attention that comes with birthdays. I do like celebrating my birthday in my own ways. Just not with lots of people.
With that said, G doesnt like birthdays either. So we had a birthday party for him.
Until last year (when we started dating), his friends, even his BEST friends did not know when his birthday was. He is slowly being forced into celebrating his day of birth.
These are pre-party pictures and the only ones I have.
We are blessed with LOTS of friends.
I thought our apartment was a fairly decent size until this party happened.
So as soon as people started arriving, chaos began, Sal was getting stepped on
(he got his first shots today and got weighed, hes 2.9 Lbs!)
and i lost track of the camera.
it was a good time with good friends.
With only 13 1/2 weeks left in Rexburg, I sudenly have this urge to be overly social.
I have realized that I will not have friends like these, and so many of them, where ever we go next.
So I am going to enjoy what Ive got while I've got it.