im not trying to be a jerk or anything but i cant stop thinking about this.
this was posted on the facebook today.

"I got excepted into Columbia College's Masters in Arts Management program! I am so excited!"


this person is graduating college and going to get their masters degree and doesn't display the knowledge of knowing the difference between excepted and accepted. 

maybe it was a misstake? auto correct? who knows.

and i am no english expert.
i dont even like using capitalization (but i do know how to use it, promise.) and i rely on on spell check way more than any person should.
BUT this is just one example of things that scare me.
i have this habit of thinking about my generation and how dumb/lazy we can be. (myself included)
we do what we can to get by, to get the "A" and do as little as we can and hope for the best.
i think about the future and these people who are "just trying to get by" or just get the "A" and how they will perform in their own careers in the future. 
careers that will play a part in my own life and family. 
i think about how some of these people will become teachers who we will send our children out to be with in a classroom every day for hours.
that is scary. 
(and just children in general. not my children specifically. we will be enrolled in our very own RV/home school.)
and i know, i know, i knooooow
there are lots of smart people in this world. and this is just one person who probably just made a little mistake. 
but sitting in my classes, i see and hear things like this every day.
and it scares me.

by im also scared of the dark 

and have night mares about being tangled up in vines.
so what ever.

rant over.