Since The Voice was starting and we wanted to be able to watch it at home, we hooked our tv up to the Dish.
Apparently we have had Dish tv the whole time we have lived in the house but didn't know it.... though that is probably a good thing.
I dont usually like to watch a whole lot of tv.
but every since we hooked it up, i have this urge to watch it ALL OF THE TIME!
(seriously, when G goes to work at night, sometimes i watch shows like extreme couponers and my strange addiction. and i dont even like those shows!)
We get MTV2.
And MTV2 shows Boy Meets World.
Did you know that when Mr. Fennny retired (before he came back out of retirement) he retired to Jackson Hole Wyoming? Because he did.
And i quizzed G on that and he knew the answer!
Anyway, there is a new spinoff show "Girl Meets World" and its about Corey and Topangas daughter.
i am so excited.