i got this globe lamp fromt the DI today for $1.50.
i cant stop starting at it in the dark.
i also got a hanging fruit basket.
i got the basket because some how i convinced my self that it would make my life easier...?

we went bowling and I got a 142.
that includes a turkey!
(which i just learned today is three stikes in a row! 
wam bam thank you mam!)
last week i bowled a 29.
i seriously thought about bowling every day this week and what i could do better.
and i guess it worked.
if only thats how it was with all things...

remember how i slipped today?
i forgot to mention that it was the first slip of the winter for me. and its the middle of march!!
(that is a record. i am the slipping queen.)
i also have a nice bruise forming on the left side of my body.

this man is so good to me.
marrying your best friend is the best idea ever.
it makes everything soo much easier.
here is to possibly switching to day shifts at the end of this semester...!