last night while G was at work i started watching the Bachelor.
dont judge me.
i missed having roommates so i thought this show would help with that.
and it sure did. girls are weird.

today i slipped for the first time this winter.
i dont know how it happened,
because 1. it all happened so fast.
2. there is NO ice or snow on the side walks....
im still trying to figure that all out.
(and by "slip" i mean slip, fall, roll, lay, jump up and be covered in dirt.)

did i tell you guys im going to be an aunt?
well, i have become an aunt through marriage
but my brother and his wife are having the first baby of our family
and i am sooooo excited.

now lets play a game of "I spy"
in this video i spy ryan and jon with my little eye!
Can you?