i have been asked to be part of a collaborative "rexburg fashion blog."
i dont know how i feel about this, since they mainly want me to do outfit posts.
and i haate being photographed.
like seriously, i am so awkward.
but im considering it.
so you might be able to find me some where else on the internet...!
this came about by me running into the same two girls EVERYWHERE i go in rexburg.
DI, taco bell, panache, the bike path behind kmart, snoasis, even yesterday when i tried to go to the water slides!
(which was a joke and a half. i got there stoked off of life to be going down my first water slide of water slide season, now that its almost over. ugh. and the lady says "its your lucky day, today is half off." i said "sweet! whats the deal?" and she replies "oh the lazy river and the water slides arent working today."
waaaah waaah.
she was wrong in so many ways by saying it was my lucky day.
what the lady was basically telling me was that i could pay $3 to fight toddlers for the kitty pool and the "climbing wall." )
anyways, these two girls are adorable and have a pretty strong internet presence. so it would be fun to "work" with them.
time will tell.
but thats that.

i feel like this week is going to go by the slowest of all weeks ever to exist.
and thats ok, because i have a lot to do.
but come saturday, i will be the happiest girl on earth.

happy sunday.

im listening to this:
the lower lights
(this song is soo cool by them. its the only video i can find of it, but if you like banjos and things, give it a listen)

and reading this:
The Three Rs of Choice