- Walgreens (of all places) just got a whoooole bunch of cacti and succulents in stock.
someone hold me back.
- I am so lucky to have a job where i can watch Lollapalooza live from Chicago via the Youtube all day.
-This morning when i was in that state between awake and sleep i said out loud "my feet are smarter than any engine." (so glad i dont have a roommate right now.)
-I have been asked to take a lunch break while at work in order to insure that i am eating. but i dont really know what to do during the break. i already get to read books all day. it only takes me 10 minutes to eat, so i still have 50 mins left...(my life is so hard, i mean look at the kind of problems i am facing.)
-My co-worker is gone for two weeks, therefore i am the only one in our office meaning i can put the temperature to 76 degrees and no one will complain! ( it is usually at 67 and it gets so cold it literally makes me feel sick)
-I would say i have been so lucky lately, but really i have been so so sooo blessed.

For serious.