if you're looking for a good time on a friday night is a quiet town during the summer break when almost no one is around, do the following:
go to McDonalds (rare occurrence) with a best friend, in attempt to escape/watch a storm that never showed up.
then, go to KFC and watch the taping of what cold potentially be a good tv series about  the least visited food places in Rexburg, if only the videos went from the phone to the internet.
watch the olympics, just long enough to feel really bad about your muscle content compared to the women running.
then, have an in depth conversation over Project Runway with your straight male friend. (this could get intense and opinions will be expressed)
proceed to go running. aim for 6 miles, but since it's friday and you ate the before mentioned McDonalds and it made your stomach feel weird, only run 4.
once you've showered and are feeling good, if you're seeking to know what it would feel like to craft on crack
turn on some Gogol Bordello and glue, cut, sew, etc.
and bam.

i am currently reading Dr Zhivago. This has sparked an interest in Russia.
i want to go there.