There is something about PBS that i just love.
They have culture pieces,
austin city limits,
masterpiece classics,
online film festival,
american masters (the Margaret Mitchell one airs april 4th. cant. wait.)
they cover ALL topics:
science, parenting, music, art, culture, awareness, crime, politics, history yadda yadda yadda.
if you're not watching PBS (i watch online) then you're missing out.
now, I'm not a advocate of TV.
most things on it are a waste of time
and people get so involved in it.
a form of brain washing.
I'm pretty sure i have ADD and for the life of me, i can not sit down
and watch just any TV show or movie.
(well, i can if its on my terms. selfish, i know.)
but PBS is great.
it's taking over my down time at work and I'm OK with that. (it's kosh, I'm not just watching TV instead of working. i do both. i basically have the best job on campus.)