(excuse his English, i dont think he uses it much in Guatemala)
 "ive got bad news. On saturday we had our last activity night and played soccer with the kids and ended up breaking my foot...we called our liders and they got the ap´s to come pick us up and take us straight to a hospital in xela. My foot swoll to the size of a baseball! Come to find out, i got a fracture called the "jones fracture" or something like that, they put a cast on me at about 12 at night. So i had emergency changes to....the office...so im working as the secretary right now for president. Yikes, not what i was expecting for changes. I should be in a casy and cruches for hopefully only 2 weeks but i wont be normal for about a month and a half to three months.Nunez is training starting tomorrow hes going to get his kid. Originally i was suppose to go to Nahuala as a district leader...so, im pretty bummed, not my idea of missionary work but im trying to stay positive."

poor guy.