take me hiking.
or let me sleep a full night.
maybe go to Taco Bell with me.
I really like that booth the we consider ours.
lets go on a drive,
and listen to Brand New
and sing all of the words,
even the ones we dont know.
take me to Pocatello
and eat Indian food.
Maybe go to the water slides,
even though it is the middle of winter.
I really like water slides
no matter the time of year.
Lets go to the thrift store,
solely to listen to the music playing over head.
Maybe we can go to the city library
and you can read out loud to me.
like that one time.
that was a great time.
Or visit Winco in the middle of the night
for granola and treats.
Maybe we can watch Marcel the Shell one more time
and I can quote the whole thing while we watch it.
Lets just start walking
and see where we end up.
Or watch an old movie,
maybe some Dorris Day would complete today.