Yikes dude,
i found this article on soda and just about threw up.
my room mates and i have recently developed a really bad habit of going to Horkley's
and getting a larger-than-should-be soda.
well, no more for me please.

I have to confess. 
Lately I've been a tad frustrated with some people.
You know,
the ones who always have something to complain about (like me right now)
but yet they don't really do anything about their situation.
so eventually you start to not feel so bad for them?
the ones who don't think out side of the box,
they just do what every one else is doing.
purely because its all they know.
or maybe
I want to help people realize that life 
isn't a list of 3 or 4 options.
its limitless.
(once you put that fear aside)

I found this project interesting
"The Willard Asylum for the Insane was an institution in Willard, New York designed help people with chronic mental illness, and was in operation from 1910 through the 1960s before being closed by the state. In 1995 New York State Museum staff were given access to the secrets left behind decades before when the doors were shuttered. After an initial investigation they became aware of an entire attic full of suitcases in the pathology lab building, the personal belongings of patients admitted to the asylum who supposedly never left. In an effort to archive and document the history of the institution photographer Jon Crispin has been given the rare opportunity to photograph the contents of each suitcase and has launched an extremely successful Kickstarter project to help fund the endeavor."

Graphic designer Vahram Muratyan has a website where he compares Paris and New York.
Love them.

sometimes we get to skype
and it is