can i just say we love and live for the weekends?

one of the best parts of living in a big city is all of the options when it comes to food.
we love our food.
and we love trying new things.
this morning we went to the rose establishment for some rooibos tea.
we got the toasted carmel and it was delicious!
the place itself was charming.
set down town with a loft feel, skylight, and lots of cool little touches like an old stove and subway tile walls.
while we were driving over, snow flakes started falling and the wind was blowing
which created the perfect setting for us to be drinking hot tea indoors to.
though we might not really look it, we really enjoyed our selves, and the tea.
(you cant beat 4$ a pot)

lately the cat has been as needy as the dog. 
he sits at the window and watches us come and go.

and if im going to talk about the cat i might as well talk about the dog too, right?
sal has this blanket in his bed.
lately he drags it around the house like pigsty from charlie brown.
this morning we discovered that he has created a pancho for himself
with a hole for his head and his tail!

for lunch we went to our favorite Vietnamese sandwhich shop, oh mai.
living close to rexburg is so nice for us because it means our friends come to visit often.
this time it was our friend drew who came to visit (he took the photo)
and we met up with our pal old man earl.
(garrett isnt crying, we are both still sick and his eyes and head have been killing him.
and obviously i am a really good listener...)

the weekends are so good to us, and we are thankful for that.