Is it too early to get excited about deep love you ask?
not at all.
especially because the audio tracks from last year have just been released!
which means the dvd is on the way soon too.
which also means, that every one should go get the audio here in preparation for the dvd.
but if you need another reason, valentines day?

you might think im biased because i married the ever so talented garrett sherwood
i have seen the show well over 10 times, and sat through hours and hours of rehearsals.
but im not.
truth is, i saw deep love the very first year they did it and fell in love with it way back then.
before i fell in love with garrett.
so when i say this is a dang good album, i mean it.
though i will admit that soon after my first viewing of deep love is when i started crushing on garrett,
but whatever.
go listen to the album!

*track 9 is my favorite. just sayin