garrett and i are sick.
the sore throat,
achy body,
head ache all the time,
stuffed up,
cant sleep through the night
kind of sick.
the only difference is garrett is at work
and im laying in bed watching meg ryan movies
(because that is the best way to handle sick)
he is such a hard worker.

and can i brag real quick?
look at this love seat i bought yesterday.
$25, with a pull out bed, perfect condition.
none of that weird smells, awkward stains, rips or anything.
its crazy.
we now have 3 couches in our house, which seems a little excessive, i know
but i couldnt pass it up.
also, do you know how heavy couches are that have pull out beds in them?
you should have seen garrett and i trying to get the thing in the house.
i say it was worth it, but garrett might think otherwise.
but he's also the one who got his hand smashed and did most of the work...
jay also thinks we got it for him.