guys, im at work.
listening to macklemore & ryan lewis.
(try sitting still while listening to them. Its tuff.)
and eating garretts signature bean dish for lunch.
waiting for the snow to hit.
(its been threatening us all morning.)

yesterday was a bad news day for me.

garrett and i were trying to get a house.
one that I thought was my dream house.
it was perfect.
12 foot ceilings.
built in 1880.
hardwood floors.
stained glass window.
original door nobs with skeleton key holes.
big windows.
an attic with lots of natural light perfect for a writing desk
and a music space.
a back yard with room for a garden.
and on the quaint street of Westminster…
i could go on but I ll spare you.
2 people made offers on the same day.
we backed out.
i will admit I was sad.

and then today I went to a homeless shelter for work.

as I walked down the street there were bodies every where.
with piles of their belongings all around them.
as I walked past, a lady started meowing at me
under her breath she would say
“milk please”
between the meows.
another man was yelling at me
“hey, lady, youre going the wrong way. Follow the light.”

600 men
140 women
36 families (200 parents and children)
stayed there last night.
and there is another shelter across the street
with who knows how many people staying there every night.

but after visiting the homeless shelter I am not sad at all.
at least not for my self.
i am happy.
and so grateful that I have a cute little apartment to go home to every night.
and another “perfect” house will come along.

today was a good news day for me.