have you ever planned something a year in advance,

looked forward to it all year,
and then when it happened it felt like a dream?

that is how our trip to Guatemala felt.

the week before we left was rough.
i dont know how many times we said "just make it to friday."

but we made it.

Guatemala is a magical place.
the people and the sense of community they have,
the volcanoes in your face all of the time,
being there with the whole family,
celebrating Christmas,
sleeping in our own open air hut every night,
heck, even the taxi boat drivers who ripped us off over and over again because we are white.

that week in Guatemala is something we will always treasure.
(we are forever indebted to my parents for that trip.)

from swimming in the lake,
taking taxi boats to surrounding towns,
hippie "christmas" markets,
tres volcano nachos,
group sauna time,
markets with beautiful textiles every where,
tuk tuks,
mom handing out candy canes to the kids,
windy mountain rounds...

we left a little piece of our hearts there,
and we intended to go back for them.

that little hut on the right is where garrett and i slept.

inside our hut


pops ice cream break

mom handing out candy canes to the kids

Chichi market day

Xela market

results of the markets.

sunset view.

old church in Antigua.

last dinner in guatemala with the family.