for the past few years rexburg has been the home of many of my thin places.
(the term thin places comes from celtic spirituality) 
thin places meaning a place where the boundary between heaven and earth is especially thin. 
i think of them as my own holy grounds tucked in my own little corners of my own little world. 
the secret places i would go on my own and have those aha moments and my eyes opened wide.

this weekend when we were in rexburg it seemed old, tired, and distant.
and cold, very cold.
i went to one of my thin places, 
(off the bike bath, down the bank, under the bridge)
i sat there for a while and realized my thin places have changed and moved.
but im not sure where they are at now.

lately life just seems to go go go go go go.
and ive been hard on myself.
i get home from work and i feel like im going to burst into tears.

i havent been to the gym since before deep love
our car hasnt been cleaned since before we moved to salt lake
most days i dont run a brush through my hair
we havent been actual grocery shopping in who knows how long.
my house seems to always be one giant mess.
and a cold mess at that.
we have yet to make any friends here (no time for that) (also, our rexburg friends visit often, so we havent needed to)

between work, church callings, rock operas, christmas programs and life, we havent had time for any of those things above. 
which makes me feel not as bad.

ive been fighting with time, energy, emotion, creativity, and how to allocate these precious resources.

come december 21st life will slow down and i will be okay with that.
(well also be lake side in guatemala and im ok with that too.)
but come february, you will probably find me on here complaining about how boring our life is and the only thing we have to look forward to is summer. 

as you can tell from the pictures below, i spent a lot of time with sal this weekend.
garrett was busy doing christmas bells stuff so i spent the majority of my weekend with sal wondering around rexburg aimlessly. 

i bought a keyboard this weekend. we didnt know sal could play the piano!

we had breakfast at paradise donuts. a little piece of heaven in rexburg.
(sooo glad were eating gluten until january!)

lots of cuddles between sal and garrett this weekend.

has anyone seen sal?
(he would try to sink in as much as he could, wiggle real hard to try and get leaves on top of him and hold real still, as if i couldnt see him.)

and lots of rehearsing for the christmas bells cast.
(ever seen a show written and produced in 4 weeks? me neither. but its happening next week. and its sounding reaaaaal good.)