The story of how my phone ended up in the bath tub was not funny.
Right after it happened I screamed for garrett. I told him what happened and he started laughing.
Even yesterday when it was brought up again, it was not funny.
I told my mother the story, she too laughed.
But I have decided that it is in fact funny.
I had to get over the initial shock of potentially loosing my sweet baby iphone.
Because heavens know im not about to pay for a new one.
But here’s what happened.

It had been snowing here, and I was cold to the bones. 
So I decided to light some candles, set my phone up across the room to watch some netfilx and take a bath.
[Side note- almost every door in our house doesn't  close all of the way. With a mere push, the animals are at your feet.]

With that said;
Sal was chasing Jay,
jay ran into the bathroom, 
he couldnt stop himself in such a tight space,
knocked my phone across the room, 
the phone landed in the bath tub, 
the cat did too, 
the cats tail then caught fire from one of the candles, 
mean while I was trying to get my phone out of the tub,
the cat was clawing up my arm trying g to get the rest of his body out of the water, 
while i was also trying to put the fire out that is on the cats tail.
He’s lucky he’s cute.

(he also broke a mirror this week. We just  bought our 4th mirror since moving to Salt Lake. we still only own 1 mirror...)