This past weekend went by so fast and was so jammed packed.
Friday we started off with dinner where Joe's filling station used to be (RIP)
and is now a taco place.

We then headed off to our first and last Chukars game of the season.

It was black out day so we got free shirts, and later some how ended up with free cups and a baseball.
We got home late and prepared for a garage sale that was happening on saturday.

So saturday I got up at 6:15 to get ready for said garage sale.
a friend is also moving and had a TON of stuff. 
as in two vans full.
so we sat out side from 7am-12pm in the 94 degree heat selling our junk.
I made off pretty good.

We then went to help set up for the Paul Bunyan Music festival put on by some friends.
At 3:00 Garrett and Mal played music together and it was so great, like always.

We enjoyed the rest of the bands and then at 6:30 Garrett played again with the soul band
The soul band is so much fun.
so much dancing and high energy to good music.
Sal danced with me the whole time.

Around 7:30 we went home, packed some bags, grabbed a bite to eat and hit the road for LA.
The Smelcers were so kind and took sal for a few days.

(and here is a photo Mel took of Sal at the music festival):

We arrived around 9:45 on Sunday morning.
Went to Jess's house
Garrett slept for awhile and jess and I hung out.
(i seriously have the best family in the world.)
Garrett did his thing
We grabbed dinner
some amazing italian ice with soft serve on top.
went to sleep 
and left the next morning.
14 hours back to idaho.
Garrett kept saying "Im not sleeping, im just resting."
ehh, pretty sure he was sleeping.

We got back to rexburg around 12:30am.
6:30 this morning it was back to work for me.
I have a feeling this is how our next two weeks are going to be.
but thats ok, because its only two weeks
and i can do anything for two weeks, right?

Proud Sal moment:
today Sal swam across the river all by himself!
and multiple times!

he is so much cuter dry.

the rest of the week looks like this:
Wed: class from 7:45-2, work from 2-6, and two test after that
Thur: 4th of july festivities
Fri: Climbing of Table Rock
Sat: Salt Lake to find a home
Sun: Last sunday teaching our primary kids. =(