I dont know how i got blessed with so many good people in my life.
fourth of july we started off with the rexburg parade with some friends.
garrett had work from 11:30-4 so while he was at work i stayed at the park with friends and
then did some home work.
Around 4:00 we headed out to Sharon Morgans on the river for lunch.
She has such a beautiful home and is an amazing women.

Mal and I played int he river with Sal, caught up with friends, and music was played.

Then some of us went to the rexburg rodeo.
the rodeo life is such a different world.
i think garrett was having culture shock.
i have hicks in my family so it was great fun to watch.
they had mini bulls that tiny kids would get on.
and they pasted money to calfs and had kids chase them for it.
we then went back to Sharon's for smores and more music. 
now that we are getting so close to leaving, it doesnt seem real and i dont want to leave.
(but i do. its confusing.)
but this 4th was a reaaaaaal good one.