On Saturday we got up early and headed to Salt Lake to find a place to live.
This has been so stressful for me.
With only being able to look online with websites like craigslist and KSL i wanted to find something when we were there so that we could see it, ask questions, explore the neighborhood and make sure we loved it in person.
I had been looking all week and had a good sized list ready to go and look at on saturday.
Right before I was about to shut the computer i thought "I should check craigslist one more time."
so i did.
and i found a 2 bedroom, one bath, in THE CUTTEST neighborhood, hard wood floors, pet friendly and in our price range.
So I called right away and made an appointment to see it first thing in the morning.
We got there a little bit early and drove around the neighborhood and fell in love.
It was full of old brick houses, every one of them having their own character, old church buildings with stained glass windoes, and literally, people out side of their homes shaking hands with neighbors, people on bikes, and families gardening in the front yard together.
As soon as we walked into the apartment (which is a four-plex) i had to have it.
So we filled out the application and put a deposite on it.
The only thing is, we wont know if we got it for sure until tomorrow.
Heres to hoping and praying we did!

So after that we went to get some lunch with Jon and Ryan and realized that if we get this apartment we will be a few blocks away.
which is perfect.
It is finally felling real that this is happening.