i love G every day, but today is just a day to make sure he knows it.
and even though we're not really into the whole valentines day traditions, its still nice to be reminded.

wanna hear how he proposed? if not, just stop reading because i am about to tell you.

Well, before he proposed we talked about a ring.
i didnt want diamonds and he didnt want to get diamonds.
so that worked out really well.
Instead of him trying to figure out what I wanted he took me to the opal mines in Spencer Idaho. He had driven past the mines a few time on his way to Missoula to visit his sister and had always wanted to stop.
so we went.
and there we so many gems!
green, red, orange, blue, black, white!
i was in heaven.
i picked the opal i wanted, and the band, and we were set.
except, he didnt want to just had it to me.
and i didnt want him to get on one knee.

so one day we went to our "secret spot."
(this used to be his spot, but then he shared it with me, and it became our spot.)
this "secret spot" is in a canyon.
you have to hike down, cross a river by walking across a log, and it opens up to a grassy area with a water fall on each side and an old stone wall. We had made a small dinner before we left (which was really gross, and was my fault.)
We sat on the wall watched the sun set and ate dinner. Then G said "I've got something for you" and he gave me the ring.
boom baby.
best way i could ever imagine him proposing.

and i am so thankful for his love.