Garrett officially starts working the night shift tomorrow night at 11pm.
I have not been looking forward to this because here is a little secret of mine:

i am afraid of the dark.

I know, I know I know, I am 23 almost 24 years old.
Get over it right?
Any ways.
In preparation for being home alone all night I went and bought some night lights.
One has 3 disney princesses on it and the other is just a normal white light.
I also bought some conversation hearts because, well they are one of the best candies around and Valentines day is Thursday which means I wont be able to find these beauties after this week.
And since I was cheating by eating the hearts I figured I might as well get a diet Pepsi while im at it.
As I laid my items on the check out, I could tell by the clerks face that they were going to comment on my purchases.
(which usually makes me uncomfortable any ways, no matter what i am buying)
And then they spoke;
"Let me guess. You have a little one at home who is afraid of the dark?
The princess light is for her room, the white one for the hallway.
The conversation hearts are to get her into bed.
And the Pepsi is because mom has had a hard day?"
Nailed it!
But i did say, "you are so right!"
They wished me luck and i darted out of there as fast as i could.
Little did they know it was all for me, the 23 year old afraid of the dark.

We teach the ten year olds at church.
Today one of them pointed out that he is the same height as me.

Ive been entering blog giveaways like crazy.
I never win any thing.
But I figure I definitely cant win if I dont enter.
Here is to hopeful winning!
(because one of them is for a really cute swimsuit and I can always use a free swimsuit!)