Um... so having Family Home Evening with real family is SO much better than the organized groups of random college kids that the school does.
Though our family its just Garrett and I, we have had some (two) of the best FHE's i have ever been apart of.
Luckily, Garrett is really good at just going along with things.
Last week we made paper snow flakes.
This week for FHE we went and got our first Christmas tree and decorations and hung last weeks snow flakes.
(and got some of those cinnamon smelling pine cones. hello wonderful smells all of the time.)

We decorated, drank cider, listened to John Denver & the Muppets Christmas
 and toped the night off with a viewing of Christmas Vacation while gorging on one of those popcorn tins that has the three flavors.
(and Garrett even let me get the tin with puppies on it! I'm telling you, I am a lucky girl.)
I am so thankful for my little family.
(and the fact that its December 6th and there is no snow on the ground. what the what?)