This past week has been full of so much family and fun.
Before we left Idaho Garrett and I had a little Christmas together and exchanged presents.
We decided that if we are ever going to give gifts, then they have to be home made.
So I made a cork board map to keep track of our travels together for Garrett and he made a new treasure box for me.
(many do not know, but i have multiple little treasure boxes full of things that i love.)
please excuse the crappy cell phone photos.

We then headed off to California.
First we had lots of dental work done...
and then we ate SOOOO many sweets! 
seriously, i think we each gained ten pounds.
my mother is the queen of sweets and treats us all way too good.
Garrett got to experience his first glimpse of Christmas with the DeLora's.
This year we had Christmas with his family so we had a little Christmas with my family on the 22.
We had our Christmas eve program, which changes every year.
This year was the family playing of hand bells via ipads.
And boy was it a sight to be seen.
On the 22nd Santa came! 
We did stockings, exchanged gifts, and had a good time.
we got to talk with Elder DeLora! 
It was so good to actually be able to talk with him. He is such a funny kid.
And of course while we were there we did lots of eating, playing of Bang!, movie watching, and everything in between.  
I love going home and am always so sad to leave. (and so was Garrett this time)

We then headed to Clovis for Christmas with the Sherwoods!
We continued to gorge on sweets and lots of good food.
Christmas eve Garrett took me to Candy Cane lane to see the lights.

On Christmas day we waited for all of his siblings to arrive and then we exchanged gifts.
We then went to the old folks home to sing to Garrett's Grandmother which was kind of a cool experience. Most of the people there have dementia so it was interesting to watch and see some of them singing along.
(intense bottle opening)

We then had dinner and went to see Les Miserables.
There was tons of hype for the movie and i was never really into Les Miserables so i was excited to see it, but not any more excited than any other movie.
With that said, I really enjoyed it. It was really well done.
Now its games, movies, kids, book reading, and family time until Friday when we start our trek back to Rexburg where school, work, eating good and exercise (LEAN IN '13!!!) and real life start all over again....