Yesterday I put FireFox on Zoom X 3. This is a very nice setting. It allows me to not have to squint or put on my glasses. Today when I got on the computer at school, the first thing I did? Yes, Zoom X's 3. This is probably the greatest feature I have discovered in awhile. Though I do feel like a 60 year old lady when I do this.
Speaking of old ladies. I have watched An Affair to Remember 3 times this week. I just love that movie. I feel as if you just cant go wrong with Cary Grant.
I get to eat sugar today.
Someone took my Mr. Sock Monkey and left and ransom note. I really want him back already, but I'm stubborn and don't want who ever took him to know I care so much. I feel like they are just trying to get a rise out of me.
I have had three people tell me that I remind them of the way Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreations acts.
Im not sure how i feel about this. But when i find a video that doesnt make her seem so crazy, i will post it. but until then, im going to believe that i do not remind people of her.