I got this beaut as an early Birthday present from my parents.
I will say it, I love her.
But I will also say, figuring out how to work her is one of the hardest things i have ever done in my life.
It seriously took me HOURS to figure out how to even just put the foot down.
Everything is digital and complicated. (this coming from some one who cant even use the latest version of word.)
There are a bunch of different instruction manuals.
And i was just so excited to use it i didn't want to read them.
And then i got frustrated and decided to read one and stared at it for ten minutes before i realized it was in Spanish.
But no worries, i finally (kind of) figured out how to use it. 
and i am in love.
i will be sewing in my dreams.
there are so many projects I'm going to start working on!