i have been so bad at the internet lately.

so in case you didnt know, WE HAVE A NEW BLOG!
dont worry (or do) this here personal blog will still be live.
this is where i post things for me.
but thesaltybeatnik.com is a collaboration project between Garrett, Mal, Josh and I as well as a guest contributor once a week. (and we have some pretty good guests lined up!)
This blog is a place for everything; food, fashion, music, words, art, lifestyle etc.
Mal, Josh, and Garrett all are writers, so you can read there words there.
I am not a writer so you can mainly look at things that Ive been looking at lately.
This started in conjunction with my Etsy shop, The Salty Beatnik.
It is a fun project and I am so glad it has been so successful in just a week!

So, here is some shameless self promotion: