the first time i rode in garretts car we were just acquaintances.
we had the same group of friends and had said a few words to each other, but that was it.
i was riding in his car to flier for deep love.
he had a disposable camera in his center console, so the other twos girls i was with and i took a selfie with it.   little did we know garrett and i would get married ( garrett and i didnt even start "talking" until 5 months after this car ride) and find this photo 3 years after it was taken.

Also on this camera is the only photo we have from our honey moon in Big Sur.
Neither one of us had a smart phone or a digital camera at the time.
So this one photo is it.

And then there are lots of photos of Sal of course

And some photos of other random things.

*note, garrett has had this disposable camera in his car for 4 years, and we just finished up the film this month.