Mal is one of my dearest friends, I am so glad we only live 3.5 hours apart.

Sal loves going to idaho. this is what he does the majority of the time we are there.

Working on a photo shoot.

Sal parties the hardest, and it always results in him sleeping most of the next day.

Drives home from idaho

Sugar Salem High School in Idaho did Deep Love as a play and it was awesome.
Such a cool experience for Deep Love and all involved.

i love sunday mornings.

for my birthday garrett got me a print ive been wanting for a long time. (the one on the left)
Caitlin Connolly makes some of my favorite art.
just about once a week she post a new doodle or piece of art and i say "my next one is this one!"
I love the art itself as well as the titles of each piece. check her out here.